As Matron of Honor, I was recently asked to say a few words before dinner at my younger sister’s wedding. After much thought, I crafted a message to fit her situation but wanted to share, as it might also be something you can relate to as well. As it turns out, finding a spouse is a lot like finding your favorite pair of jeans.

Hello and thank you for joining us tonight to celebrate Ryan and Brandi’s marriage. For those of you I have not yet had the chance to meet, my name is Alie and I am Brandi’s proud older sister. And, as the older sister, it’s only natural for me to offer a few words of advice.

While I’ve only been married three years myself, I’ve learned finding your perfect partner is like finding your favorite pair of jeans:

1. First you browse many stores and after trying on a few pair, you must make the important decision to commit.

2. Your new favorite pair of jeans have a way of always making you feel more attractive and more comfortable—no matter what the occasion. The same should be true in your marriage.

3. Some days you will be surprised to find the jeans no longer fitting as you remember. Give them a break and look in the mirror. You might be the one who has changed. Hold onto them anyway.

4. You might wonder how you became so lucky to find such a good quality pair of denim. Remember these moments, too.

5. Over the years and through various fads, it’s likely your favorite jeans will become altered – faded, shorter, less spunk and more holes. And, in the case of today – rained on. That’s OK. None of these things really matter, as they can be fixed, patched and sewn. As long as they still fit, that’s all that matters.

After asking multiple people to describe their favorite pair of jeans using one word– some of which came from a few of you in this room –the answers weren’t far from adjectives used often to describe a spouse. Among them, the answers included words like: small, transformative, flattering, comfortable, worn, tight, destroyed, sexy, excited, cherished, versatile, soft.

And, my favorite descriptions were those from the bride and groom – tight and destroyed.

I’m not sure I want to know the stories behind those descriptors and I might be in trouble if using a few of them when describing my own husband as the perfect spouse. But, the point is – finding and experiencing a good pair of jeans takes time, patience and compromise – just like marriage.

Brandi, it is so great to see you have found your match. It’s been fun watching you grow while shopping these past few years. I am so proud of the person you have become and wish you nothing but long-lasting denim, a snag-free zipper and buttons in-tact.

This next step in your life – foot first in the jeans of marriage – is an experience better than any other.

So, find a belt, learn to sew and resist the periodic urge to donate your jeans. Because, no one will fit those jeans quite like you.

Congratulations Ryan and Brandi and all good wishes to you